• - 2014

  • - Canola

  • - June 4th, 2014

  • - 125-35-0-15

  • - 4

Yield Data

CTF 50.2 bu/ac
Random 49.2 bu/ac

p-value = 0.34 LSD = 2.05

Economic Analysis

CTF Random
Yield (bu/ac) 50.2 49.2
Price ($/bu) $10.00 $10.00
Treatment Cost ($/ac) No Cost No Cost
Gross Revenue ($/ac) $502.00 $502.00
Net Difference ($/ac) No Difference No Difference


The 2014 growing season was characterized by extremes; too wet and then too dry. Given the weather we experienced we were expecting to see some benefit to controlled traffic farming with regards to yield, but it simply was not the case; yields were the same statistically and there was no visual difference between the treatments at any time during the growing season. We will run traffic simulations and collect yield data at this site for two more years.