• - 2015

  • - Canola

  • - May 31st, 2015

  • - 125-35-0-15

  • - 4


  • Variety was L140P

  • Heavy Frost damage on the 30th of May forced us to reseed

  • Yield of the two treatments are not significantly different

Yield Data (bu/ac)

CTF 55.5
Random 55.0

p-value = 0.48 LSD = 1.3 CV = 2.0

Economic Analysis

CTF Random
Yield (bu/ac) 55.5 55.0
Price ($/bu) $10.50 $10.50
Treatment Cost ($/ac) No Cost No Cost
Gross Revenue ($/ac) $582.75 $582.75
Net Difference ($/ac) No Difference No Difference


This field has been in CTF now for four years and we have been running traffic simulations now for three seasons.  2016 will be the final year of simulations and data collection.  To date we have been unable to detect any differences in yield, which has come as a bit of a surprise.  With that being said, if subsoil compaction is placing some limits on our yields, then it will likely take more than 3-4 years to correct itself under natural processes.   In 2016 this site will be seeded to soybeans.