• - 2016

  • - Soybeans

  • - May 21st, 2016

  • - 0-0-0-0

  • - 4


  • Variety was NSC Reston

  • Field sustained about 30% hail damage at R2

  • Yield of the two treatments are not significantly different

Yield Data (bu/ac)

CTF 50.4
Random 51.3

p-value = 0.12 LSD = 0.99 CV = 1.7

Economic Analysis

CTF Random
Yield (bu/ac) 50.4 51.3
Price ($/bu) $12.00 $12.00
Treatment Cost ($/ac) No Cost No Cost
Gross Revenue ($/ac) $604.80 $604.80
Net Difference ($/ac) No Difference No Difference


Once again, we did not see a yield response at this site. We were disappointed to see the hail, but it should not have changed our results. We have a theory for why we did not see a response at Brandon, and we will discuss this in the future; it relates to the potential tillage effect of traffic. We also conducted extensive infiltration and bulk density tests at this site and neighboring random traffic fields, which we will also touch on in the future once the data is summarized.